Draped Hypertufa
Planters and Creatures

Here are a few more projects we use our hypertufa cement mixture for - Ghosts and Stuffed Animals.

Prices for these planters range from $10 to $60 depending on size.
To find out how they are made watch our "how to" video on
"Draped Hypertufa"

After several years of having draped hypertufas, I have learned a few new things.

1) Always set your draped hypertufa on a platform when outside, (stepping stone, bricks, rubber mat).

2) If planting your draped hypertufa with a large grass or a plant with an aggressive root system, plant in a liner or plastic pot and just place this inside the hypertufa planter. This will make it much easier to clean up in the fall.

Winter Ghosts Ghosts at nightCreatures Creatures Ghosts Draped group Draped Group Draped group Draped group Draped with  coleus fountain planter planter tall planters

planter fountain hypertufa Lace hypertufa lace hypertufa lace hyper tufa