Draped Hypertufa Lace Pot Workshop

Wednesday June 3rd, 6 PM

3 lace pots

This workshop is great fun, but EXTREMELY messy, so dress accordingly!

You will be making 3 lace draped hypertufa pots approximately 5" x 6" and perfect for a tea-light. They are great outdoor accents for your sitting area or indoors as well. They are cute, so let's have some fun! All materials will be included except your gloves. We will help you step by step, and give you instructions for the curing process to finish at home.
Cost is $20

Each participant needs to bring a heavy duty pair of rubber gloves.

Pre registration and payment required.
Approximate time is 1 1/2 hours.
Please call 715-435-4477 to register or for more information.

Snacks and Beverages are always welcomed.

lace hypertufa lace hypertufa